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  August 2022

  Sonia Mocnik, Vancouver - August 12, 2022  
 Time change on Roundhouse class There is a time change on the new classes coming up in the fall. They start at 10am ( 15... 

  June 2022

  LANNI SULJE, Port Moody - June 20, 2022  
 Beach Wanderer Beach WandererFor as long as I remember I have been a beach wanderer. Feeling at one with the sand, the... 

  April 2022

  Ian Semple, Vancouver - April 21, 2022  
  Greetings! This is just to announce that my seventh and latest book is now in publication; both in paperback and Ebook... 

  January 2022

  Carla Weaver, Parksville - January 14, 2022  
 Different Times - Different Approaches This blog post started out as “morning pages,” as prescribed by Julia... 

  November 2021

  Sybille Muschik, Quesnel - November 17, 2021  
 Exciting News Hi everyone,  Exciting happenings for the last couple of years. My Shoreline Studio YouTube channel... 

  October 2021

  Denise Dupre, Coquitlam - October 26, 2021  
 New gallery‚Ķ. I am excited to announce that I am a participating artist with Le Hang Art Gallery at 2239 Granville... 
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