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March 12 2021
Zoom Room

Zoom Room

Pretty much everyone I know has Zoomed.  Have you Googled for Zoom suggestions - height your computer should be to show your neck in proper proportion to you head?  What about the background?  What does it say about you?  Do you care?

I care. 

So, I’ve checked the heights and fiddled with old ice cream tubs to raise my computer.   I’ve seen a lot of bookcases in backgrounds - if I had a bookcase, I’d be sure to have Tolstoy’s WAR and PEACE front and center.  But I have a painting in my background.  Obviously, I like this piece or it wouldn’t be hanging but the colour, style, composition, etc. is irrelevant - it’s personal.  

But I’ve noticed a lot of small paintings ..... hanging too high ..... on a big wall .... above and over-stuffed-four-seater couch.  A large piece of furniture should have a correspondingly large painting or an arrangement of smaller pieces that compliment the space.  Size relative to space will make or break the overall feeling.  For me, it’s a comfort level thing.   IMHO


Posted by Jo-Anne Revell at 12:00




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