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February 13 2021

SAMUEL JOHNSON said "To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition.

As I look around at my home, I see what some would call a minimalist style.  It’s uncluttered with a number of textures or types of surfaces - warm light wood, charcoal leather chairs,  linen sofas, exposed concrete, frosted glass, metal cabinets and plants.  A lot of differences, however, this is the most relaxing place on earth for me ..... so far.

I’ve been exploring expressive abstracts and I love the energy but when I try to find a place to hang them - I’m stumped!  I just can’t settle .... they seem out of place.

“Art that matches your couch” - that frowned upon cliche, might be a bit condescending. If you have surrounded yourself with what you love and that, in turn, makes you happy to spend time at home why should a piece of art not fit into that aesthetic as well?  So it may not "match" your couch but perhaps it will add something of interest that compliments the existing design.

My new ambition - to paint works that make me happy to be at home .... these will likely be calm and clean with a variety of textures but time will tell.


Posted by Jo-Anne Revell at 12:00




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